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Welcome to MysticLightART

:iconthankiesplz: ᖴOR VIᔕIƬ ΩUŔ GŔΩUP

Welcome to MysticLightART, a Art Group here on deviantART for ALL Artists.
So whether you are an artist or enthusiast, if you enjoy Digital Art this is the place to be.
If you like this Group and wish to keep up to date on artwork and events, simply add us to your devWATCH. If you are interested in becoming a Member, simply review the rules.


If there is any problem or full folders contact me here, vía note or through RazielMB

Rules in Photography:

Please submit your works to correct folder.

We vote by the following criteria:

The photography must be sharp and clear, this means also in full view.
It must be an original concept
Your photography needs to have Roses.
High quality

Reasons why your deviation can be declined:

Unsharp picture
The photo isn't made by yourself
It was to heavy edited
To over or underexposed

Rules to Photomanipulations

Please submit your works to correct folder.

Don't submit unfinished works.
Don't submit works that do not abide to DeviantART's rules.
Don't spam our page.
If your work is declined then we'll leave a comment as to why it was declined.
The stock must be credited with a clickable link to the stock provider and the stock image.
Google images are not stock.

Donate Points: Super Group
Help me so that I can become a Super Group my group

We say thank you to our generous donators for the points with a special feature.

Special Feature

Hidden Place by Corvinerium"/>

L I G H T I S ~ Destiny


Digital ART Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 2:23 PM


Another Reality by RazielMB

Tears of Angel by RazielMB

Poems by MelanAnime dedicated to me and my artworks:

"Tears of Angel"
"Peaceful feelings in the starry night"

Gift: When the angles cryThe eyes betray the words, which the lips refused to utter
Through the lonely hours of the night the darkness only grows
Dreams and wishes scatter in the wind that blows hard
And the clouds gather the lost moments in time
Hopes imprisoned in cages and into illusions are left to breathe
They want to break the chains and fly free at the open horizons
And the feelings take form and break, not enduring the heavy weight
And the eyes look up the world through blurry glimpses
The sun is wonderful up the sky and the moon shines sensuous
And the eyes close, as the brave mask is cracking
As a single drop of emotion, succumb to the unwritten laws
And roll down the cheeks and falling stains the ground

  Gift: Symphony of lifeWhen shooting stars lost at the endless space
Wishes the lips are whispering, under the starry sky
Messages the wind is transferring, from every corner of the world
And the cosmic lights raise up touch the sky
When the eyes are closed, hushing the howling storms
And calm glances traveling, unlocking the secrets of imagination
As the veils of mysteries lifted up, revealing roads unknown
Ready to be explored within the will of a free idea
Leaving the serenity to rule the beating hearts
Placing the will to fly abandoning the stationary coasts
Beyond the far away horizons, the thoughts are sailing
Carrying the unfulfilled dreams and place them among the waves.
Under the currents of the imperturbability waters, are born
The sounds of the life’s bittersweet taste

Gift art by my twinsister Zirine

Always together by Zirine

I carry you with me by Zirine

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Feature time...

Awesome works I've seen recently...

Prepare For War by neverdying

Bath Candle by MirellaSantana

Yoda by CindysArt

Sledgehammer by Shedboy68

Follow Your Heart by Teddy-Cube

EON: City by anotherwanderer

Bambi by t1na

Valley of waterfalls by NM-art

The Last Kingdom by Kurtzan

Blue Space by Whendell

Shower Time by Wesley-Souza

G E N T L E by k-i-mm-i-e

Wonderful time by CrisestepArt

Celestial Warrior Aurora by Carlos-Quevedo

Elevation by CharllieeArts

Angel of Death by La--Boheme

Dark Angel by DenysRoqueDesign

Wrath by AndyGarcia666

Demonic by Dani-Owergoor

R e g i n a by Corvinerium

Andromeda by IgnisFatuusII

Burning the past by duzetdaram

Meteor by SweediesArt

Always in my heart by EstherPuche-Art

Stronger than you think.................. by pjenz

The Ring Three by Artinprogres

The Moon my Mother by Marjie79

Hear See Speak no Evil by J-u-d-a-s

The Regent by vampirekingdom

Something strange in the Forest by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

Have you all a good day!
Big hugs
Gene Raz


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Thank you so much for Featured my work Heart
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You're welcome!
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